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LALR Parser Generator for Parrot

I've been kicking around the idea since last night about trying to implement an alternative grammar generator scheme for Parrot. The current implementation is based on a Recursive Descent parser, very similar to Parse::RecDescent (which is to be expected since they are both written by the same developer, Damian Conway). Recursive Descent here is an LL(0) technique, at least I assume so because I haven't looked deeply at how lookahead is implemented. LL grammars, with the exception of predictive parsers utilize "Backtracking" to try certain productions and return to the last good parse position if a particular production fails. Backtracking, as I know from experience, can be very costly especially in certain grammars. On the other hand, LALR parsers which are LR(1) are bottom-up, so they don't require backtracking and can be more efficient then LL parsers in many situations.

I would like to try my hand, in the coming months, at writing an LALR parser generator utility for Parrot, that would operate similarly (and possibly even plug-in seamlessly) with the current compiler generator tools. Maybe the two could be differentiated by some kind of argument or pragma. This will be, I think, good practice for me, and a good way to get my hands dirty in the Parrot project.

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