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Yay! I'm being helpful!

Well, I would say that I have satisfactorily figured out SVN, and have been using it to great effect. Tonight, I created and submitted my first patches! I'm officially a (minorly) productive member of the open source movement!

I submitted a few small patches to the parrot project. 1 or two were documentation, the rest were simple patches for unresolved bugs. It took a while to figure out the patch submission proceedure (and I think I really borked the first few submissions), but I'm starting to get the hang of it now. Yay, I'm learning!

Tonight is a bit of a rare occasion, I can't afford to spend much of my time on any non-school-related pursuit, at least not until the end of this week. This really is hell week, and I've been working all day and all night just trying to get the necessities covered. After working almost all day today, I really needed to kick back and relax (and it turns out I relax by programming more).

I just saw that one of my patches got committed. It was only a small one, but that's a milestone nonetheless. This has been a very fruitful night, and I'm glad I took a break from my schoolwork for it.

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