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Parroting And Blogs

I spent a good amount of time this morning doing some Parrot work, and even managed to get a few patches submitted and applied. These are all small things, I mostly focus my effort on tracking down and fixing compile-time warnings. Most such warnings are as easy to fix as adding a single type cast, so I don't want to claim that I'm some kind of Parrot super-hacker (which I'm clearly not).

I've also been doing a lot of reading lately, blog posts and tutorials and all. I'm sort of prepping myself because I want to enter the GSOC and actually get paid to work on Parrot this summer. I've also been seriously contemplating a switch of my major from EE to CompSci, and this kind of stuff is really going to get me into the mode for that.

I've been reading a few blog posts and other pages here and there, and I want to save some links here, mostly for my own convenience.

First, this post by Chromatic actually made me laugh out loud. I mean, I laughed so hard I startled the dog. I doubt most people will find it as funny as I did.

Next, there's a great set of PCT tutorials out there on ParrotBlog. For convenience, I'm going to post links to all of them:
I've been using these tutorials to start setting up the ground work for my Octave port.

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