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IO System: I Was Wrong

Today I opened a ticket about how the layering portion of the IO system specification needed to be implemented. It turns out I was wrong: Despite the fact that the PDD claimed a layering system would be used and the fact that there were some hints about it in the code, it is no longer the current plan that the IO system use a layering approach. So tonight after talking to Allison about it, I went in and ripped the confusing passages out of the PDD. I also went through and removed some unused code that wasn't being used.

So there really isn't anything standing in the way of a proper AIO implementation, except maybe a handful of enhancments to the threading and scheduling systems (I haven't dug into either too deeply yet, so I can't say for sure). That's good news, fewer things in the way means it's more likely we're going to get proper AIO by 2.0.

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