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YAPC: Day 1

Wake up at 3am. Get in the car, drive 5 hours through the pounding rain. Get lost on CMU's godforsaken labyrinth of a campus. Finally, a local student showed me how to get to the PVM workshop (I think he had to answer the riddle of the sphinx first, I didn't see).

But here I am, and it's kicking ass. Already I've met cotto, particle, pmichaud, Util, kid51 and a whole bunch of new faces. I've seen some great presentations (all by pmichaud, I missed the earlier ones by particle) and I've gotten a lot of good hacking done already.

Infinoid was digging through the threading code and managed to plug a 62MB leak from the threading code. Spurred on by that, I made a few small cleanups to the GC and PMC reuse code, and then started getting to work on the io_cleanups branch. The task on the front burner right now is getting sockets optimized away from unnecessary PCCINVOKE calls like we did for FileHandles and StringHandles in the io_rewiring branch. I also want to get working on Pipes too. In fact, it was this pipe work that clued Infinoid in to the problems in the threading code in the first place. Hopefully we get moving forward with that soon.

So the threading system needs a lot of work, and I may push that into my task queue in the not-so-distant future. I'm sure I'm going to have to do some refactors and fixups on the road to AIO, but I will tackle that when I get there.

I'm watching cotto do some awesome work on the pmcc (the PCT-based utility to parse PMCs). I can't really help with that so I'm just an enthusiastic spectator for now.

Several of the attendees are giving Parrot and Rakudo a workout and are filing tickets and patches. I look forward to digging through some of those later, if nobody beats me to them.

A good start to the conference today, I'm looking forward to the next 3 days here.

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