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Ongoing Branchwork

As I mentioned yesterday, I called for a freeze on big changes to trunk before the Parrot release. However, that doesn't mean that development ceases entirely, and some branches are still moving forward at a pretty nice clip. With the 1.5.0 release coming out tomorrow, we could see some of these things land tomorrow.

GC Refactors

A few days ago I was pretty stunned to see a huge patch from newcomer jessevdam that had some major effects on the GC. What he set out to do was remove the UnionVal structure, which was a large and obnoxious union of several data storage types, from the PMC structure. What he ended up doing was far more then that.

What jessevdam did was to remove the UnionVal structure from Parrot completely, fix up several other structures that used it (STRING, Buffer, etc), merged the PMC_EXT structure into the PMC structure, renamed several macros, added some documentation, and made a variety of other cleanups. The patch was huge, and not only that it was invasive, so I applied it (and some subsequent cleanups) to the pmc_sans_unionval branch for testing. Initial test results that I have been seeing are all clean, so if we can get some approval from Allison about it's methodology, I would like to get it merged to trunk shortly after the release.

Context PMC

I created a new branch this morning to tackle the first stage in the process to convert the Parrot_Context structure to a PMC. I had the realization that there are really two separate reasons for making this conversion: First we want to get Contexts to be properly garbage collected, so we can avoid several outstanding memory leaks. The second is purely a refactor, we want to properly encapsulate the Context functionality and cleanup the code that uses it.

So instead of replacing the Parrot_Context structure wholesale, I am taking a path of less resistance: Keeping that structure as-is, and creating a PMC type that acts as a simple wrapper for it. See, for example, a similar strategy used for the Sub PMC (Parrot_Sub struct) and the Continuation PMC (Parrot_Cont struct). This makes the structure garbage-collectible with a minimum amount of effort, but doesn't do anything to make the code cleaner, better encapsulated, or have better performance. I've started this messy process in the context_pmc2 branch, and am having some promising results so far.

After I get that branch building and passing tests, I plan to merge it in and then start another branch to work on performance, encapsulation, and other improvements. Of course, this second branch will probably have to wait for a few other branches to land first so it doesn't get in the way of other ongoing work.

On a related note, for cleaning up the Parrot_Sub stuff that I mentioned above, bacek has started the tt795_kill_parrot_sub_structure branch. That branch will serve as an archetype for the second round of Context cleanups, since I'm purposefully creating the same "situation" with the Context PMC that we are trying to resolve using the Sub PMC. I've heard from him that this branch is complete and ready for merging in right after 1.5.0.

PMC Attributes

NotFound's auto_attrs branch is getting pretty mature and I hope he is able to commit it to trunk shortly after the Tuesday release. We are definitely going to talk about this in the #parrotsketch meeting tomorrow. It's my hope that once this new PMC initialization mechanism is added to trunk, we will be able to start using the fixed-size memory allocator in other parts of Parrot as well for some major speed improvements.

PCC Refactors

Allison is still hard at work on the PCC refactors, having recently started the new pcc_arg_unify branch to get going on it again. If she can successfully unify the way arguments are passed to subroutines, and get rid of some of the older entry points to the PCC system, it will be a huge win for Parrot. Plus, as I've discussed at length before, those kinds of refactors will enable so many other stalled projects to leap ahead quickly. I have high hopes that if this branch lands soon that we will see some major improvements to other areas of Parrot, based on this work, being added as early as 1.6.0.

Pluggable Runcores

chromatic and Cotto have been working on a very cool project in the pluggable_runcore branch. The goal, in grave oversimplicity, is to treat runcores as dynamically-loadable libraries. Also, they're hard at work using the new loading mechanism to add a much-needed profiling core. I don't know what the ETA is for that branch, I don't know if it will make it in to 1.6.0 or not.


1.5.0 is going to be a great release because so much crufty old nonsense has been removed from it. And with all the cool new features waiting in branches to be merged next month, 1.6.0 has the potential to be even better.

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