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PCC Hackathon

I'm busy moving today, so I scheduled a blog post ahead of time to help spur the troops on. PCC is a big deal, last weekend we kicked some serious ass as a design team. People were developing, debugging, testing, talking. It was awesome.

This weekend, lets take some advice from one of my favorite internet memes, Courage Wolf:

PCC is a big deal, probably one of the biggest. I can't think of any system that is more central to normal operations in Parrot, except the runcores (and they're much simpler). We've got a big task if we want to completely rewrite PCC from the ground, not only without losing any functionality, but actually adding new features in a sane way. It's big. It's more then we can chew, but we're going to chew it anyway. I have all the faith in the world in our development team.

The big question is whether we can chew it before the release. I sincerely hope so, and I know a lot of other people hope so too.

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