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Calling All Mac Users

A quick shout-out to any developers out there who are using a Mac. Parrot has some outstanding problems on Mac OS 10.4 (I hear the problems are gone in later versions, but have not confirmed).

If you have a Mac, preferrably running 10.4 or older, we could use your help:
  1. Set up an automatic test bot, so we can get up-to-date test reports on your platform
  2. See if you are able to fix some outstanding bugs and get Parrot to build and install on your system
  3. If you can't fix problems yourself, I would like to ask if you are willing to grant shell access to myself or another Parrot dev who could try.
  4. If you have old, unused Mac machines laying around, maybe you would consider making a hardware donation to the Parrot Foundation so we can start setting up our own dedicated build/test machines.
Once we get Parrot building and installing properly on all Mac versions, we'll be able to put out proper packages for end-users to download and install.


Whiteknight: I have no problem building on Mac OS X 10.4.11 on PPC. IIRC, problems have been reported on 10.4 on Intel.

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