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Austin's Tickets.

Austin, of Kakapo and Close fame, has been creating new tickets avidly as he develops his various projects. I asked him to put together a prioritized list of his various tickets so I could focus my attentions fixing bugs that would benefit him the most. Without much delay, he complied. Here's a truncated list:
1 = blocking something;
2 = not blocking, but I strongly feel this is needed;
3 = nice to have;
4 = I'm not sure of the status.

ticket priority summary
1497 1 Expose 'meth_cache' attribute of class.pmc1492 1 Get_class namespace) confuses NSes that have same final name.
1473 1 Handle PMC type is broken
1520 1 P6metaclass cannot derive from already-`register`ed PMC type
1429 2 Add -L support to parrot-nqp
1515 2 Duplicate named args cause fatal error in subs
1133 2 MMD matching does not match 'scalar' with primitive types
1448 2 Modify `throw` opcode to pass through pre-configured resume continuation
1514 2 NQP-rx doesn't check storage mode for contextuals
1510 2 NQP-rx doesn't create PMC for string // expressions
1464 2 NQP-rx doesn't handle bare "return" from nested block correctly.
809 2 Opcode 'isa' does not accept RSA PMC for class
1431 2 Register assigned to .local string variable is mis-remembered
1430 3 Change trace offset numbers to hex format
799 3 Configure should explicitly check for symbolic link capability on Linux
1138 3 Create a 'vivify' opcode
1455 3 Exception 'birthtime' attribute not accessible
1446 3 Exception PMC 'clone' does not work
1088 3 Multidispatch 'concatenate_str' does not handle LHS undef
1109 3 MultiSub PMC does not support get_namespace method
1512 3 NQP-rx generates bad access code for non-twigiled attribute
1308 3 NQPrx does not vivify globals in all cases
1107 3 Opcode get_class has failed assertion with garbage input
1481 3 P6metaclass.register does not catch second registration of PMC Class
1437 3 pbc_dump: don't skip varargs words in -d mode
1438 3 pbc_dump: Indicate sub/method boundaries in -d mode
1065 3 PGE should emit inline PIR with Grammar namespace
741 3 PIR line numbers in backtraces are substantially wrong.
816 3 PMC 'Undef' does not support logical_not
1273 3 Provide a parrot 'backtrace' with assertion failures.
1442 3 Sub PMC should support getattribute
1513 3 Test::Builder formats TODO tests wrong/poorly
1439 3 pbc_dump: Mark branch targets in -d mode

I've crossed out the tickets I've already closed, and there are about a half-dozen more that I suspect will be closed within the next week. I'm trying to find the domain experts for some that I don't feel comfortable/competent to close myself.

I would like to see all of these get resolved not just for the benefit of Kakapo, but for the good of Parrot in general. 


I love that you've posted this up here - I'm pointing to it now in irc. But #1492 needs a newline up there...

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