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EmbedVideo Extension Pre-Release

Last Tuesday I got confirmation that I now had a commit bit to the MediaWiki subversion repository. I don't have access to the whole thing, I only needed access to the extensions section. Today I checked in a snapshot of the EmbedVideo extension I've been working on, in preparation for the first release of the extension under new management.

Since I started working on the extension I've made a number of changes, most of them internal. Here's a short list of things I've done:

  1. Broken the extension up into multiple files and created a proper directory structure, following current best practices
  2. Added i18n support, though I've only added English-language messages so far.
  3. Added support for the website
  4. Added the ability to float the video left or right, and add a caption
  5. Added an {{#evp:}} tag, to be fully compatible with the EmbedVideoPlus extension syntax.
The biggest changes have been the internal cleanup tasks. The code base has been almost entirely rewritten from the ground-up to follow best practices, although there is still a little bit more cleanup work to do.

I'm planning a formal release of the extension to happen sometime within the next two or three weeks. I will be trying to test the release against a small handful of releases: Probably 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, and the betas of 1.16. I'm not sure how I want to handle releases in the future, since I do plan to add new features and support for new sites, but I don't want to spend huge amounts of effort backporting every feature I add to all sorts of old MediaWiki versions. I will probably try to tag revisions for old versions, but will not worry about backporting new features myself. If somebody wants to do the hard work of backporting features, they can submit patches (or ask for a commit bit!) and do it themselves.

I'm not planning to add any major new features before I release in the next few weeks, so from here on out it's all testing and documenting. As soon as it's tested to my liking, I'll put out a new release.

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