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Parrot has Smolder Again!

Parrot's smolder server, previously hosted by, has been down for some days. Today, due to some concerted effort by particle, dukeleto, and the friendly folks at OSUOSL got a new instance of smolder set up for use by Parrot.

I introduce you to

Reports for Parrot proper are already flying in, but what makes this smolder server so special is that we can add support for other projects as well. Half a dozen other projects are also able to tracked on Smolder: PLA, Lua, PLParrot, Partcl, Rakudo, and Plumage. Not all of these projects have the necessary infrastructure to perform the actual uploads yet, but within a few days I'm sure they all will.

Tonight I updated the PLA setup program and test harness to support uploads to smolder, and a few minutes ago I posted the first automated report. We posted a few test reports manually before that too. Everything is looking good so far, though I do have a few tweaks to make. Specifically, I want to include more information about the version of BLAS and LAPACK that are used in the report, which should be easy enough.

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