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Taking a new Job

Friday was my last day at IONX, the first job I had out of school. IONX was a pretty cool place to work, not the ordinary kind of first job that some people get doing the "grunt" work that more senior programmers didn't want for themselves. It was a relatively small place, and though it's been growing quickly, I was still able to carve out a place for myself as a productive, influential, and respected programmer.

The time came eventually to start looking for something else. I started putting out resumes in a pretty non-committal way. Maybe one or two a month if I found really compelling job postings. For several months I hardly heard back from anybody. But this month, the rain began to pour. Ultimately I decided to take a position with Weblinc, an e-commerce company based in Philadelphia.

Starting on Monday I'll be taking the train to center-city Philadelphia every day, again. It's going to be a fun new adventure and I'm looking forward to getting started. I'll post more information about what exactly my new job entails when I learn a little bit more about it myself.

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