Parrot’s migration to Git is complete. The new repository is available online today at Github.

This migration is due in no small part to the combined efforts of Jonathan Leto and Christoph Otto, who have been working extremely hard in the past few months to make it happen. Besides writingd documentation and convincing naysayers, these two have done a lot of technical work to support the transition. Christoph did some work on the Git integration plugin for Trac, and dukeleto has done the lions share of the actual migration. Several other people did lend a hand as well, but without these two we would not be on Github today. Kudos to these two, and all the people who helped with the big migration.

Today starts a brand-new age in the development of Parrot. It is my sincere hope that Git will help us to get new people involved and to create a more natural distributed workflow that our community will thrive on. I’ve already created my own fork of the repo, have you?