As of yesterday afternoon the results are in: Parrot has accepted seven students for GSoC 2011. The seven projects are:

We are currently in the “community bonding period”, a time when we are getting to know the students and they are getting to know us as well. We’ve been bombarding them with information and a long laundry list of requirements for the summer already. It’s a lot to absorb at first, but we hope that having all the extra information available up front will help everybody get started more quickly.

One of the requirements is that the students must set up a blog on, and must blog there at least once per week. For anybody who is interested in the progress of these projects, that will be a great source of information. I will post links here once these blogs start getting set up.

The coding period begins on 24 May, just under a month from today. Coding continues until the end of the summer on 22 August. I look forward to seeing what some of these students are capable of doing, and I am excited to think about where we will be as a community, come September when GSoC is over and most (hopefully all!) of these projects are wildly successful. I think we will be in a very good place indeed.