This week is my vacation. I have the whole week off from work. It’s not at a time in the calendar year I would normally have chosen to take off, but daycare is closed and we need to be home to watch the kid anyway. So, instead of me taking a few days and Dana taking a few days, we decided to just take the time off together. Also, back when we scheduled the time off, we figured we would be very free and would be able to take several day trips and go out to dinner and go to the beach and do other summer-vacation stuff, even if we weren’t in a typical summer-vacation location. However, we’re currently in the middle of the process to buy a house so we aren’t aflush with the kinds of disposable money that would normally fuel those kinds of activities.

We are planning to get some real resting in, no question about that. We are planning to take a few trips to the pool, maybe visit Sesame Place, the Philadelphia Zoo, the Camden Aquarium, and a few other attractions in the area. My kid doesn’t quite have the attention span to do anything I might find more interesting like visiting the art museum. Bright colors are only enough if they are attached to animals, muppets, or re-runs of Dora the Explorer.

I’ve got a little bit of software-related stuff I want to do with my free time this week. Three projects in particular are on my todo list: Two Rosella libraries (Path was released yesterday and String will probably come out tomorrow), and getting my packfile branch in mergable condition for Parrot. I don’t want to sit inside on the computer too much this week, but as far as I am concerned it isn’t a real “vacation” if I can’t vegetate in front of my code for at least a little while. Also, mohitos.

Maybe I can also pick up on my blogging again, since I’ve been such a lazy crap with it for the past few weeks. And, I can set aside some real time to stare at Parrot Foundation legal issues, which have been neglected. Since I have all this free time, I am fresh out of excuses not to.

I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family, spending some time by the side of the pool, and spending some time away from work. Hopefully I can do all these things this week, and maybe be a little bit productive too.