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A collection of tools and building blocks for the Parrot Virtual Machine.
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Rosella Utilities


In addition to libraries, Rosella provides some helpful utility programs to help with common programming and maintenance tasks. These programs are included with the Rosella installation, but may need to be added separately to your system search path.



The rosella_test_template utility is used to create test-related files quickly and easily. The utility can be used to create test files and test harnesses in the language of your choice. Currently the languages supported are winxed and nqp, but other templates could be added in the future.

To create a new harness, you would do something like this:

# To create a harness written in winxed
rosella_test_template harness winxed t/ > t/harness

# To create a harness written in NQP-rx
rosella_test_template harness nqp t/ > t/harness

By default the generated harness will execute all test files in the “t” directory recursively. The default test file type is “Automatic”. See the Harness documentation for more details.

The harness generated in Winxed and the one generated in NQP may differ in other functionality, such as command-line arguments handled or other details. These are just rough skeletons, and you should proof-read the generated code to make sure it does what you need it to do.

This utility can also be used to create a new skeleton test file for a class in an existing bytecode file. To create a test for your class, you would write:

# In Winxed:
rosella_test_template test winxed mylib.pbc Path.To.Class > class.t

# In NQP-rx:
rosella_test_template test nqp mylib.pbc Path.To.Class > class.t

The skeleton test file will be generated which uses Rosella Test to provide a default test method for every method in the target class. Again, please proof-read the generated code and tweak the generated logic to meaningfully test your code.


The rosella_test_all_lib utility is like rosella_test_template except it creates an entire test suite for all classes and namespaces in a given bytecode library. It creates one test file (using the same template and logic as ”rosella_test_template test ...”) for every class and for every namespace in the bytecode which contains non-anonymous functions.

# In Winxed
rosella_test_all_lib winxed mylib.pbc t/mylib

# In NQP-rx
rosella_test_all_lib nqp mylib.pbc t/mylib


The rosella_harness utility is a default harness which provides basic behavior. It automatically executes all tests in the t/ directory, or tests in any directories passed on the commandline. This can be useful for projects which have a simple test suite and only need basic behavior from the harness. All tests are run according to the #! “shebang” line at the beginning of the file. If the file does not contain this line, the test will be marked as having not been run.


rosella_harness t/foo t/bar t/baz


The winxed_repl utilitiy is a simple command-line REPL utility for experimenting with Winxed code. This utility is experimental.


The winxed_mk_header utility is used to automatically generate an includable Winxed header file with forward declarations for all classes and public functions in a bytecode file.

winxed_mk_header mylib.pbc > mylib.include.winxed